I Love You Text Messages for My Lovely Wife

I Love You Text Messages for My Lovely Wife!!! Every hubby who treats his wife is everything would not let any occasion go without making her feel special for being his life partner. Whether it is a family gathering, formal meeting, personal events like attaining success in the profession, blessed with a baby, etc. All these occasions are the best time to make her feel special and important for being his life partner.

Besides this, few hubbies would also send I love you text messages for her. Hopefully, such folks would surf the web for love text messages for my wife; I love you text messages for wife, love message for my lovely wife, etc.

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I Love You Text Messages for Wife

  • To each other, we’ve made many beautiful promises. But the best ones are still in my heart, waiting to be made when the time is right. I love you.
  • I fall short of words to tell you how much you mean to me. All I can say is that my life revolves around you… and nothing else matters.
  • You are, not just the mother of my children, but also the beat of my heart. You are, not just the queen of this family, but also the woman of my dreams. I love you.
I Love You Text Messages for Wife
I Love You Text Messages for Wife
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  • I know I am not a perfect man, but every day I try my best to show you all the love I have for you in my heart. You are my beloved wife! 
  • I miss you so much every time I am away from you and I can only think about the moment I will see you again. My darling, I send you a huge kiss with all my love. 
  • I want you to draw a huge smile on your pretty face as soon as you receive this text because I send it to you with all my love. Have a great day, my beautiful wife! 
  • You have been the first and will be the only one ever to touch my heart. Ever since the day I met you, my heart stopped beating for me. It beats for you, saying I love you with every beat.
  • You came into my life and totally changed my world. I have lost total control of myself. I am a changed person. My heart does not belong any more to me. It’s given away to you. I am deeply and madly in love with you.
  • Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you. One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you.
I Love You Text Messages for Wife
I Love You Text Messages for Wife
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  • If I had to pick between laughing together and crying together, I would pick crying because I’d never want you to cry alone. 
  • I don’t know the official definition of WIFE but for me it means – the Woman who is Independent, Fun loving and Eternally in love with me. You fit this definition perfectly. I love you.
  • If you replace L in life with W, you get wife. That is because life isn’t worth living without a lovely wife like you. I love you darling.
I Love You Text Messages for Wife
I Love You Text Messages for Wife
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  • Early mornings and late nights are the best part of my day because I get to kiss my wife Good Morning and Good Night. I love you.
  • Your love is food for my heart, mind and soul without which I cannot survive a single second. You know my heart beats for you and only you. My darling wife, I love you.
  • I always remember the day in which we were married and I feel that same joy in my heart one again. My heart loves you dearly and I do not know what I would do without you. I am very grateful that you are a part of me.

Love Message for My Lovely Wife

  • Your presence makes me live a very happy life. Do you still feel that deep feeling for me as it was the day we got married? Because I love you so much more.
  • Dear wife, I want you to know that apart from the love that unites us, there is a very strong friendship between the two. You know I would never leave you alone, I just want to see you laugh. I adore you.
  • I am very happy because now that we are married we will always be together. You are a part of me and if I would have to live my life one more time, I would pick you all over again. I love you dear wife.
  • My love for you is so deep that the oceans are becoming so envious day by day. Just want to say good morning to the love of my life.
  • I cannot get by a single day without looking into your pretty eyes and feeling the warm touch of your hands. What can I say, I am addicted to your love.
    I Love You Text Messages for Wife
    I Love You Text Messages for Wife
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    • We have lived so many things with each other, happiness, sadness, fights and caresses. I love thinking about everything we have been through together, if I had to choose again I would do the same. I love you my life.
    • When we joined our lives forever, we always knew that many difficulties would appear, however our love won every dispute. My love is too big for you, I want you to always love me as I love you.
    • Although I am not as expressive as you and I do not tell you sweet things very often, I do not know what I would do without you, because you are everything to me, without you nothing would make sense dear wife
    • My wife, you are my love and my strength. I can beat the whole world with just your love. I love you so much and need you every time.  
    I Love You Text Messages for Wife
    I Love You Text Messages for Wife
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    • You’ve made my imperfections seem perfect and all my shortcomings appear complete. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for everything you’ve done. But I promise, I’ll never stop trying. I love you.
    • I don’t know how long I am going to live but I know that every single second will be worth a lifetime because it will be spent with you. I love you.
    • If you could see the world as I do, you would realize how much I love you.
    • I hope your day is beautiful. Remember that I love you with all my being. For me, you are the most beautiful thing I have in my life
    • My love, thank you for the pure and sincere love that you give me every day, because I keep falling in love with you and because I feel amazing when I am with you. I love you with all my soul!
    • Please forgive me if you do not receive all the nice things you deserve, but I do my best so that you feel my love at all times and in all places.
    • I feel grateful every morning that I wake up by your side because marrying you was the best decision of my life. The love we have will never end! 
    • You and I have formed a beautiful home with adorable children and together we live in our small heaven on earth. I love you with all my heart, you are the love of my life. 
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